By slaying zombies, completing quests, challenges, and achieving milestones, you can earn NCs(Necro Credits) that are automatically rewarded to your in-game wallet. You can trade 100 NCs for 1 XGZH token. The more you play and accomplish, the more rewards you can accumulate.

Absolutely! We have exciting plans to continually enhance the game. We'll be introducing new levels, quests, and additional utilities for players to explore. We value community feedback and will regularly update the game based on player suggestions and preferences.

The game will be available to download on Steam. Exact date TBA

Yes, there will be FREE to play available for everyone and those that want to experience the blockchain rewards they can purchase one of our characters.

Yes XGZH offers an immersive experience for both single-player and multiplayer enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to brave the post-apocalyptic world solo or team up with friends to survive, the choice is yours!

X-Zombie is a unique collection that will give their holders access to our game to play and get rewarded ,but not just that. Some of our X-Zombies will generate their holders a percentage from our future Gaming Studio profits(details to be announced), all X-Zombies will generate new Keys for new players, all X-Zombie holders will be able to join our Alpha and Beta Tests, some X-Zombie holders(few hundreds) will get a Discount in our Public Sale. More utility is on the line but will be announced accordingly.

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