Unleashing the Undead: Welcome to our Multiverse of Zombie Mayhem

We're developing a new Zombie game using the Unity engine and the MultiversX Blockchain to deliver an innovative Zombie gameplay experience.

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7.Join us on this thrilling journey as we unleash the undead and embark on an adventure like no other. Explore the depths of our game, forge alliances, and test your survival skills against the relentless hordes.


1.Our vision extends beyond the game itself, with plans to introduce additional utilities that further enhance the player experience.Community-driven events and competitions, we aim to create an engaging and dynamic gaming environment that keeps you coming back for more.


2.At the core of our game lies the power of the MultiverseX blockchain. This technology ensures transparent and secure transactions, allowing players to confidently trade and exchange their hard-earned tokens in the game’s vibrant marketplace or any secondary markets.


3.Team up with your friends or dive into intense battles with random players from around the world. With each level and mission you conquer, exciting rewards await, motivating you to push your limits and become the ultimate survivor.

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4.We’ve integrated a unique token economy into the game, allowing you to stake a specific amount of tokens and receive rare-to-legendary items as rewards. These items are not only valuable in-game assets but also have real-world value.


5.To have the best gaming experience , we advise you to buy our exclusive XGZH NFT or X-Zombie NFT. These non-fungible tokens not only grant access to the game but also serve as a gateway to a multitude of exciting opportunities.


6.Stake your NFTs for additional rewards, participate in our thrilling lottery draws, and stand a chance to win incredible prizes.


Explore the Undead World